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Visa Documentation

Sowrya offers only Visa Documentation Services for mostly Student Visas.

Case Officer will assist the applicant in filing of complete visa documents as per the checklist outlined by concerned embassy.

Case officer allocated will help you in filling visa application form and other documents

We will keep you informed about the required documents

Samples of documents will be provided for your reference

Assistance in getting overseas travel insurance

Medical assistance will be provided

Expert immigration officers at Sowrya will review your documentation

Passport:Passport of primary applicant as well as dependents included in the application.

English Test Score: You need to provide the English Proficiency Test score (i.e. IELTS, etc).

Skill Assessment Report: If you are applying for skilled visa, you must provide the skill assessment report from a relevant assessing authority.

Birth Certificate: A copy of Birth certificate (A color Scan copy).

Photograph: A recent Passport sized photograph (45 mm x 35 mm) of all applicants (white background and write the applicants name at the back.)

Qualification: You require providing the copies of your all qualifications. Copy of courses, etc. also needs to be included. Provide the documents submitted for skill assessment as well.

Marriage Certificate: Married applicants need to provide the marriage certificate.

Relationship Documents: For de facto relationships, provide evidence that you have been in the relationship for at least 12 months. The evidence can be a joint bank account statement, billing accounts in joint names, etc.

Divorced/Widowed: If anyone in the application is divorced or widowed, provide essential divorce papers or death certificate, etc.

Point Test: You require providing the evidence of your claimed score against the point test when you submitted the EOI (Expression of Interest).

Children: If children are included in the application, you require providing the Birth Certificate for all children.

Health and Character Requirement: You need to meet the health and character requirements. You need to provide health examination of each member in your family along with the Police Clearance Certificate in support of the moral character.

Evidence of parental custody: If one of the parents of a child below 18 years is not included in application, need to provide the Evidence of parental custody of the child.

Employment Reference: Evidence of skilled employment or self employment in the past, i.e. References, contracts, pay slips, tax returns, or any group certificate.

Essential Application Form: You must attach the duly filled appropriate application form as per your PR visa category.

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