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The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) exam syllabus is divided into two main categories: Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math. There is also an optional essay section that some universities may require.

The SAT Reading section assesses a candidate's reading comprehension skills. It includes passages from various sources, such as literature, historical documents, and scientific articles. The types of questions can include identifying main ideas, understanding vocabulary in context, and analyzing the author's tone and purpose.

The SAT Writing section focuses on grammar, usage, and rhetoric. It includes multiple-choice questions and a written essay. The multiple-choice questions test grammar rules, sentence structure, and rhetorical skills. The essay section requires students to analyze a provided passage and write an essay that evaluates the author's argument.

The SAT Math section covers a range of topics in algebra, problem-solving, data analysis, and advanced math. The questions assess a student's ability to apply mathematical concepts and solve problems. Some specific topics include algebraic expressions, linear equations, systems of equations, ratios, percentages, geometry, statistics, and probability.

The Math section of the SAT is divided into a portion that allows the use of a calculator and a portion that does not. The calculator portion includes more complex questions that may require graphing and data interpretation. The no-calculator portion focuses on basic math skills and problem-solving.

The optional SAT Essay section requires students to read a passage and write an analysis of the author's argument. It assesses a student's ability to analyze evidence, develop logical arguments, and communicate effectively.

It's important for students to familiarize themselves with the specific content and question types in each section of the SAT. Practice tests and study resources are available to help students prepare effectively and improve their performance on the exam.

Raw Score (# of correct answers) Math Section Score Reading Test Score Writing and Language Test Score
30 530 28 29
31 540 28 30
32 550 29 30
33 560 29 31
34 560 30 32
35 570 30 32
36 580 31 33
37 590 31 34
38 600 32 34
39 600 32 35
40 610 33 36

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