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New Zealand Education Consultants in Hyderabad

New Zealand Education Consultants

Education consultants for New Zealand  in Hyderabad


Embarking on a journey to study in New Zealand presents a unique blend of opportunities that make it a remarkably appealing choice for students from around the world, especially those considering studying in New Zealand after graduation. It is emerging as one of the topmost preferences among Indian students wanting to study abroad. With an excellent education system, internationally accredited qualifications, ample research opportunities and a matchless quality of life, New Zealand has a lot to offer. While studying here, you can be assured of a welcoming and friendly society with an excellent support system for international students.

1. A world class education
Every single university in New Zealand is included in the QS World Rankings. As well as the great quality education, New Zealand’s universities are also internationally diverse, with over 30,000 international students learning across the country in 2018. 
Then there’s the support network for international students. Given the financial value that international students have for New Zealand’s universities, they’ve ensured that the student experience is as seamless and hassle-free as possible by building a strong and caring student welfare system.
2. Lower tuition fees & lots of scholarships
While New Zealand’s education system is based heavily on the British one, it comes at a lower cost. Tuition fees for a year tend to cost around NZ$20,000, or just under £10,000.
On top of the lower tuition costs, there are also lots of options available for scholarships to help fund your studies. It takes a bit of digging and investigating to find one to which you could apply.
3. Wide variety of courses with a focus on innovation
Another advantage of studying in New Zealand is that the universities here offer a wide range of courses in a variety of subjects so that you can choose what appeals to your interests. The education system here emphasises innovation and research. The universities here focus on research and development in various fields such as agriculture, engineering, healthcare, physics, geology, computer science, astronomy etc.
4. Work while you study
An important answer to why studying in New Zealand comes in the form of part-time job opportunities in the country. International students can work up to 20 hours per week during their course and full-time during vacations. The pay is good and can help students meet some percentage of their expenses. 
5. Job Opportunities
Another advantage of studying in New Zealand is that the stay-back period provides the students a great opportunity to apply for jobs and work after study in New Zealand country. The government itself lists the multiple ways of sourcing jobs in New Zealand for international students giving a perfect answer to why study in New Zealand. These jobs in New Zealand come along with a great work culture and provide a work-life balance for the employees.
6. Safe and secure environment
New Zealand offers a safe and secure environment for international students. The country has a low crime rate and the people here are warm and friendly. International students are looked after well by New Zealand universities that are bound by a code of conduct imposed by the government. It is one of the safety benefits of studying in New Zealand.
7. Quality of life
New Zealand offers a wonderful multi-cultural environment that exists in perfect harmony with the country’s outdoorsy lifestyle. Replete with all kinds of natural landscapes ranging from snowcapped mountains and steaming volcanoes to rolling green hills, golden sandy beaches and lush rainforests, New Zealand screams wanderlust. Living here provides every student a chance to grow with its diverse culture and natural beauty all at once.


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