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Australia Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489)


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Australia Nominated Sponsored Subclass 489


This points-based visa is for skilled workers who are nominated by a state or territory or sponsored by an eligible relative living in a designated area in Australia.

The visa is valid for four years, and a visa holder must live and work in a specified regional area.

Features of the Australia Skilled Immigration Program:

  • Australian temporary residents are considered to be residents of Australia holding temporary residency visas but are not citizens of the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • Holders of temporary residency visa may remain in Australia unspecified. A 4-year initial visa, corresponds to the underlying migration scheme is granted alongside the temporary residency later gets converted to Permanent Residence. The importance of Skilled Regional Program is the applicant has to remain for 2 years in a particular regional state because the regional area of a particular state nominates the applicant or anyone sponsored by their family (Blood relations only). Later they will be eligible to work or live anywhere in Australia.
  • Till the initial visa expires the visa holder may leave and re-enter Australia freely.
  • The best feature of the temporary residency visa is, even after the expiration of initial visa, the holder can stay in Australia without breaching immigration regulations.
  • After the initial visa expiration, if the holder wishes to continue to travel to and from Australia as a temporary resident, they must obtain a Resident Return Visa.

Benefits of Temporary Resident Visa:

  • Live and work in Australia on a temporary basis
  • Particular regional state or territory nominates them
  • Study in Australia at schools, Vocational Education and Training (VET) sectors or universities
  • Eligible for Australian citizenship (subject to the residency eligibility criteria) once this visa converts to Permanent Residence.
  • You can sponsor people for temporary residence.


  • Applications are by invitation only. To be invited to apply, a person must:
  • Be able to score at least 60 on the points test.
  • Have a suitable skills assessment for that occupation
  • Submit an Expression of Interest and be nominated or sponsored
  • Have an occupation that is on the relevant skilled occupation list
  • Be less than 50 years of age when the invitation is issued
  • Australian Education
  • Partner Skills

Note: TOEFL iBT and PTE Academic tests would be accepted from applicants from November 2014

In regard to English Language Attribute, Australia is the only country to give options to the applicant to undergo the below mentioned English Language Tests.

  • PTE Academic

Adding Family Members to your Subclass 489 Visa

  • If you currently hold a Skilled - Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (subclass 489)visa, you may add the following secondary applicants after your visa has been granted:
  • Your partner
  • A dependent child of you or your partner
  • A dependent relative of you or your partner.
  • Your family members must also meet the following requirements.
  • Health
  • Character
  • Australian Values Statement
  • English Language

Our Full Service and Processing Includes:

  • Starter Kit
  • Complete Application Processing
  • Attestation of documents
  • Forms, Documentation and Petition Filing
  • Updates and Follow up with the Embassy
  • Visa Interview Preparation (if required)
  • Airport Pickup
  • Accommodation Assistance.
  • Relocation Orientation
  • Job Search Assistance

Price List, Fee Schedule & Refund Policy

  • Our service fee is comparatively less and is the best you will find in the industry.
  • We guarantee that other than our company offers and promotions, you will not be charged a higher price and will eventually pay a lower price.
  • Prices are determined by the company and are fixed for all the clients, branch offices and all cases.
  • Our refund policy is based upon case to case for all types of visas

For Your Information:

  • We are not a placement agency.
  • We are Overseas Career Consultants.
  • We do not provide/guarantee/assure jobs.
  • We do not arrange for any direct employment through employers.
  • We use technology, resources and our internal expertise to market your resume to overseas employers on your behalf.

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