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Australia Evaluation Report

About visa :

You need to score minimum of 60 points to migrate to Australia and permanently settle there.

Australian visas for PR require you to score these points like,



Language requirements

Work experience

Health & character requirements etc.

  • The points for each parameter differ and the eligibility for each parameter is measured differently. Hence a very thorough and intense study is required to check whether you score the required points or not.

Why Evaluation?

Evaluation is necessary and suggested because immigration to a foreign country involves putting at stake your money and valuable time. Visa to any country cannot be guaranteed hence one should be careful before investing one's resources in this field.

Our Evaluation report will act as a preliminary checklist for taking your decision that whether or not to go in for an immigration process of a country.

Hence it's wise to first take our Evaluation and then decide upon a particular visa.


Use our professional services to check your eligibility for the relevant visa. We have the experience of having processed cases from all over the world. Your chances of success are much higher when you sign up with us.

Our terms & conditions are clear along with a transparent system & clear policies. We only accept applications that we are confident will be a success. You have to first sign up for an evaluation before we accept your case.


Age: You must be between 18 - 49 years.

English language: The applicant should prove that he/she meets the English language of competent or vocational level by submitting the test results Before the application is lodged. You should also meet the English Language threshold (IELTS 6 bands in all the components- no points) If you hold a valid passport and are a citizen of one of the following countries: United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, United States of America and Republic of Ireland. If you need 10 or 20 points under Proficient English (IELTS 7 or more bands/ 8 or more bands respectively in all the components), English Language test results are required.

Nominated occupation: The applicant should nominate an occupation on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) that is relevant to his/her skills, qualifications and recent work experience and also available in any of the states to sponsor the state nomination.

Skill Assessment: It is mandatory for an applicant to get a positive skill assessment for a nominated occupation before the application is lodged.

Maintenance funds: The applicants should show sufficient maintenance funds to obtain sponsorship from state territory.

Health & character requirements: The applicant has to meet with health and character requirements.

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