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Australia Subclass 457 Visa

About visa :

Subclass 457 visa is a work permit for overseas professionals. The subclass 457 visa is designed for overseas skilled professionals who have are sponsored and nominated to work in Australia for a temporary period.

A business/community or government agency can sponsor a skilled worker if only they are unable to find an appropriately skilled Australian citizen or permanent resident to fill the vacant position listed in the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations list.

Stages of a Subclass 457 Visa

The three main stages to recruit a skilled professional under the subclass 457 visa program are:

  • Employer applies to be a sponsor for the applicant
  • Employer nominates a suitable position
  • Employee applies for visa

The applications/forms for each of these 3 stages can be submitted at the same time.

Visa Eligibility:

  • You must be sponsored by an employer to fill a nominated skilled position
  • You must have skills, qualifications, experience and an employment that matches the requirement for the position
  • You have to demonstrate your English language ability
  • You should be eligible for any relevant license or registration required for the nominated position
  • A health insurance is mandatory

Requirement Documents:

  • Forms
  • Documents about your occupation and skills
  • Documents to prove identity
  • Documents about health and character

Visa Features

Visa holder can

  • Work and stay in Australia for up to 4 years
  • Family can accompany you
  • No restriction on travel duration and time from in or out of Australia

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