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UK Tier 1 / HSW Extensions Or FLR

About visa:

The Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Extension is the stage where you have to prove and provide evidence of your business activity in order to continue with your stay in the UK. The initial Entrepreneur visa lasts for three years and four months and you can then extend this visa to a further two years if you meet the necessary requirements.

The Tier 1 Extension is a technical visa application that involves precise attention to detail and has a high rejection rate because the initial visa holders are often unable to meet the extension requirements.


  • Permanent residency after two years, once you have your Entrepreneur Visa extension.
  • British Citizenship for all holder and dependents if permanent residency is achieved.
  • Time spent in the UK on your Entrepreneur Visa can be combined with other visa categories to create ten year-long residency rights.


  • Investment of no less than £200,000 cash directly in one or multiple UK businesses.
  • You are either are a director or are self-employed in a UK business.
  • You are engaged in genuine and continuous business activity.
  • A minimum of two full time jobs created for people settled in the UK.
  • Sufficient maintenance funds to support yourself and your dependents while in the UK.
  • The required English language capability (either as a national of a majority English speaking country, or hold an accepted English language degree or accredited English language test).
  • The credibility of your business and be confident enough to take a "Genuine Entrepreneur test".

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