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UK Sole Representative Visa

About visa:

The oveseas representative visa, also known as the sole representative visa, allows a senior representative of an already established company who do not have an existing U.K presence to come to the U.K to set up a U.K presence in the form of a branch. The visa allows the senior representative to travel to the U.K in order to establish the company in the form of registering the company, conducting business matters, opening offices and acting as the sole representative of said company.

Westkin Associates provides guidance for applicants looking to obtain their overseas representative visa and will mange every step of the application process from first contact through to the granting of the visa as well as extensions.


  • The overseas representative visa lasts for a period of three years and can be extended after this.
  • The extension last for a further two years. After the holder has been in the U.K for a total period of five years they can then apply for permission to settle permanently in the United Kingdom.
  • At the point of extension, evidence of the commercial activity of the UK company must be presented to show that the UK company has been set up and legally registered, and that it is actively trading in the UK, usually this can be done by providing company accounts, contracts, invoices, tax returns.


To be eligible for the visa the applicant must:

  • apply from outside the EEA
  • have sufficient funds to maintain themselves without the need of access to public funds
  • have sufficient funds to maintain themselves without the need of access to public funds
  • There is no requirement on minimum salary or minimum level of educational qualifications.

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