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UK Student Visa Guidance

About visa:

Students coming to the UK under a student visa require a university or other UK educational institution on the register of sponsors to sponsor them. They also need to score enough points to be accepted as an international student in the UK. As a student studying a degree-level programme, you are permitted to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week during term-time and full-time during vacation periods. Master's students cannot work full-time during the summer as this is classed as term-time. PhD students must agree any periods of vacation with their supervisors in advance.


When you apply for the visa you must provide:

  • a current passport or other valid travel documentation
  • proof that you can support yourself and pay for your course - this will vary depending on your circumstances
  • proof of parental or other legal guardian consent if you're under 18
  • your tuberculosis test results if you're from a country where you have to take the test
  • an unconditional offer of a place on a course with a licensed Tier 4 sponsor
  • can speak, read, write and understand English
  • are from a country that's not in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland

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