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Quebec Evaluation Report


For knowing whether you score the required points Evaluation is the best and most readily available option. Signing up for a Canada Evaluation will authorize a team of our expert consultants to review your profile and check your eligibility for the visa. If you are eligible then you can take the next step of registering for our full service and applying for the visa. But in case you don't meet the eligibility criteria, your case will not be considered for that particular visa.

Why Evaluation?

Evaluating your chances of being selected by Quebec.

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa is a point based system and judges an applicant on criteria like

  • Age
  • Education
  • Job
  • offer
  • Language ability

The points for each parameter differ and the eligibility for each parameter is measured differently. Hence a very thorough and intense study is required to check whether you score the required points or not.

Canada's Quebec Skilled Worker Visa is a specific visa type for people willing to enter and settle in Quebec Province of Canada.

Common values of Quebec:

Quebec welcomes immigrants with their know-how, skills, language, culture and religion. Quebec provides services to help them integrate and participate fully in Quebec society. Integrating in Quebec society means being prepared to learn about and to respect its common values.

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