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About visa:

The goal of Canada's business immigration programs is to promote economic development and employment by attracting investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals from outside Canada with venture capital, business acumen and entrepreneurial skills.

The Canadian business immigration programs also seek to develop new commercial opportunities and improve access to growing foreign markets by welcoming people who are familiar with those markets and their special requirements and customs. Individuals with business/managerial experience and relatively high net worth may be eligible to apply for a Canada Immigration (permanent resident)

This visa is for owners of a Business or employees of a firm/company wanting to attend Seminars, training Sessions, attend meetings, review the market, get contracts, build alliances or open branch offices in Canada.

Canada Business Visas are easily granted for applicants who prove they have genuine business intent & the finances to support themselves in the country they are visiting.

More often than not, an assessment is based on documents submitted & the visa interviews are rare.

More often than not, an assessment is based on documents submitted & the visa interviews are rare.

Canada does not require the applicant to attend a personal interview; decisions are mostly made on the basis of your documents. Chances of having to attend a personal interview are rare. If your application is successful, the visa is stamped on the passport and sent by mail.


The features of business visa are:

  • Easily Granted for applicants with genuine business intent.
  • Business Visa is granted for 3-6 months for first time then can apply for upto 10 yrs( Based on your profile).


Foreign nationals who fly to or transit through Canada will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Exceptions include U.S. citizens and travellers with a valid visa.

To apply an eTA you must have


  • a valid passport.
  • a credit card.
  • and an email address

In addition to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) application forms, education-related and status documents (passports, birth/marriage certificates, etc.), you must submit documents proving your business and/or managerial experience, as well as documents evidencing your net worth.

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