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About visa:

Education is a creative process that offers lasting benefits throughout the life. Best quality education boosts the hidden capacities of individuals and brings out their targets, ambitions and expressions. Superior quality education adds more value and helps in the development and progress of society. The US education system is one that focuses on providing qualities, knowledge, attitudes and skills for building a robust foundation for the better career.

PhD ASA refers to Aid, Scholarship and Assistant ship support we provide to aspirants willing to pursue PhD from USA or other foreign countries. Since the tuition fee for pursuing higher studies in the US or other foreign countries is high, most people look for fee waivers of some kind.

Types of Fee Waiver:

The most common ways of fee waiver are assistant ship, tuition waivers and fellowships.

  • Fellowships (Aid): Fellowships are grants given to graduate, post-graduate and research students. They are awarded by universities/institutions, private organizations and even by the government.
  • Assistant ship: Assistant ship normally consists of teaching and research activities. Students can work for a maximum of 20 hours per week. Teaching assistant ship largely consist of taking classes, whereas research assistant ship deals with research related work.
  • Scholarships: Scholarships are granted to students based on academic excellence, or, in some cases, factors like ethnic background or even financial need. The amount for each scholarship varies. Scholarships can be awarded through the university or a private source.
  • Tuition Fee Waiver: This means that the tuition fee is waived off for students. However, fees for the use of university facilities like the laboratories, library and other activities have to be paid by the student. A tuition waiver is frequently awarded in conjunction with a scholarship or teaching/research Associate ship.
  • On campus Jobs: Apart from the above funding opportunities, the student can even earn money while at the university by taking up an on campus job, like writing for the campus magazine. On campus jobs don't have a tuition waiver.

We do an in depth analysis of the student's profile and suggest him/her the best form of fee waiver applicable for his/her profile.

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