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South Africa Relatives Visa

About Visa:

A temporary relative's visa does not allow for the holder to work or run a business. It simply allows the holder to be able to immigrate to South Africa for a set period of time, normally 2 years, and not undertake any other activities. In essence almost akin to a long term tourist visa.

If the relationship between the applicant and the citizen or permanent residence holder is within the second degree of kinship, the applicant is entitled to apply for the Relative's Visa. Relatives within the second degree of kinship are children, parents, spouses, grandparents, grandchildren, life partners, and siblings. Relatives within the second degree of kinship may apply for Temporary Residence on the basis of the Relative's Visa.


  • As a foreign national who is a relative of a South African citizen or permanent resident you could qualify for a South African Relatives Permit.
  • Essentially this means that first and second - level kinship family members of a South African national, or a foreign national who has obtained South African permanent residency, could enter the country and live here once they have obtained the South African Relatives Visa.
  • However, where the relative/s concerned are within the first degree of kinship, they may apply for Permanent Residence on the basis of the Relative's Visa. The first degree of kinship is limited to immediate family only, meaning children, spouses, life partners, and parents.


All applications attract two fees which must be payable in addition to your immigration companies service charges:

  • Department of Home Affairs application fee of ZAR 1,520.
  • A processing fee to the application centre of ZAR 1,350.
  • The applicant's unabridged birth certificate or an officiated copy thereof.
  • You will need to complete the required application form.
  • Biometrics of the applicant which will be taken at the place of submission.
  • Where applicable a yellow fever vaccination certificate.
  • A police clearance certificate.
  • Medical report.
  • Radiological report where the applicant is over the age of 12.
  • Two (2) passport photographs.
  • Proof of financial support showing the required ZAR 8,500 per month, per person.
  • Proof of South African citizen / Permanent residence of the relative by means of an identity document or passport.
  • Proof of the first kinship to the South African citizen / Permanent resident.
  • The applicant must be able to prove their relationship with the South African citizen or permanent resident.
  • The applicant's family will have to provide sufficient proof that they are able to support the applicant financially and this means an available budget that allows for R8 500.00 per applicant.
  • Holders of this visa may not engage in business or employment until they have been granted permanent residency on application.

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