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South Africa Job Seeker Visa

About Visa:

Are you interested to migrate to South Africa is search of job, Then all you need to know about the South Africa job seeker visa to enter the country. Many people are interested to migrate to South Africa in order to experience a luxurious and great lifestyle. Therefore the living standard of South Africa is very low when compare to other countries.

South Africa is world class destination for best employment and career opportunities. Individuals who want to visit this beautiful country can enjoy its climate throughout the year. Every year thousands of individuals migrate to that country to enjoy its attractions and to grab the opportunities offered by that country. South Africa is important immigration destination.

South Africa job seeker is produced after complete assessment of applicant profile as per South African immigration guidelines.
South Africa job seeker visa is a temporary residence permit which is given for ninety days. This visa allows applicant to search for job in South Africa. Therefore South Africa quota work permit is given for five years and it can be extended till the employment exists.



  • Temporary residence job seeker or permit visa is given for ninety days.
  • If the applicants get a job and can apply for South Africa quota work permit.
  • If the applicant unable to find job he/she need to return country of origin.
  • Leads to South African permanent residency after five years of stay.
  • Family can come and stay in South Africa.
  • Work permit is valid till applicant are employed in South Africa.


  • Sufficient funds to stay and search for job
  • Applicant must satisfy the character and health requirements
  • inimum bachelors degree
  • Minimum five years work experience in nominated occupation.

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