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South Africa Business Visa

About Visa:

South Africa is a country with an often - stated need for foreign investment.

Foreigners who are contemplating investing in the South African economy by establishing a business or by investing in an existing business in the country must apply for a business visa, if it is his or her intention to be employed in the business.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please, bear in mind that failing to meet any of the following requirements will also render the application incomplete:

We strongly recommend that you pay careful attention to the Overview, Documents required and Processing sections of your chosen visa category, before proceeding with your application.

Please be aware that applicants should be aware of the processing time for their chosen category of visa and apply accordingly. Please also note that all processing times are minimum as stated, and in some cases may take longer.


  • Application for DHA - 1738 completed in full with BLACK ink and signed by applicant.
  • A valid passport which expires in no less than 30 days after expiry of the intended date of departure (at least two unused/blank visa pages).
  • Two passport size coloured photographs (35X45mm).
  • Original covering letter signed by the applicant (should clearly mention the purpose of visit).
  • Proof of sufficient financial means in the form of recently bank certified statements for the last three months to the value of INR 13650 per month.
  • A medical report completed on prescribed form BI - 811 (Applicable in Delhi) Medical Report issued by registered medical practitioner on letterhead with regard to applicant's general state of health. Report not older than 6 months at time of submission, (Applicable in Mumbai).
  • Marriage certificate or in the case of a foreign spousal relationship, proof of official recognition thereof issued by the authorities of the country concerned if available.
  • The affidavit where a spousal relationship to a South African citizen or resident is applicable, as well as documentation proving cohabitation and the extent to which the related financial responsibilities are shared by the parties and setting out the particulars of children in the spousal relationship.
  • Divorce decree, where applicable.
  • Court order granting full or specific parental responsibilities and rights, where applicable.
  • Death certificate, in respect of late spouse, where applicable.
  • Written consent from both parents and court order granting full parental responsibilities and rights parent, where applicable.
  • Proof of legal adoption where applicable.
  • Legal separation order, where applicable.
  • Police clearance certificates in respect of applicants 18 years and older, in respect of all countries where person resided one year or longer since having attained the age of 18 (PCC from Regional Passport Office).
  • Qualifying for a business visa can be broken down into 2 areas, the applicants themselves and their good standing and the proposed business. Below we look at the eligibility of the business.

Investment into the business - There is a minimum investment into the business required of ZAR 5 million. This amount can be reduced with a waiver application for certain businesses.

Creation of jobs - The South African business visa is designed to encourage the creation of jobs and as such the business visa holder must employ 60% of its workforce from South African labor.

The success of the business - A thorough business plan is required that will demonstrate the business has every chance of success.

Appropriate company structure - Business Visa holders are required to have an appropriate legal structure in place.

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