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Denmark Green Card Dependent Visa

Denmark Green Card is designed for skilled overseas professional who are looking for a career & life in Europe. Most of the companies in Denmark are facing shortages in getting qualified and skilled employees. Danish Green Card / Denmark Green Card program is the pathway for qualified individuals to come in and work and migrate to Denmark permanently. Denmark Green Card Dependent Visa allows meeting your family in Denmark.

About visa :

Denmark Green Card Dependent Visa is designed for spouses and dependent unmarried children under the age of 18 of Denmark Green Card Holder who want to accompany their spouse or parents to the country.

Spouse, registered partner or cohabiting partner of Denmark Green Card holders are allowed to work full-time for the entire period till the validity expires. A Danish Green card applicant needs to score 100 points to move to Denmark.

Non-European Union skilled migrants with a Danish Green Card are allowed to come to Denmark for 3 years to search jobs. Denmark or Danish Green Card is renewable.

Visa applicant need to meet the eligibility criteria set by Danish embassy. The PR visa would be issued in 6 to 12 months and this will permit you to move to and reside in Denmark. You will be granted a permit to work once you get an employment offer.

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