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Sweden Dependent Visa

About visa :

Family members of the Individuals, who have successfully acquired a Sweden work permit, gain the automatic right to accompany the work permit holder on a Sweden dependent visa. Also, they will be approved of a resident permit for the duration as applicable to the work permit holder.

If Individuals have been issued a work, permit for a period of minimum six months, then their family members, who will accompany them under Sweden dependent visa can gain the permit to work in the country.

Unmarried children, whose age is 21 or more, can acquire a work permit under Sweden dependent visa under specific situations, where they are financially dependent on individual or his or her spouse.

Accompanying applicants can file their online applications for Sweden dependent visa along with the main applicant.


Sweden Dependent Visa is planned for close relatives of family members who has a legitimate Sweden Citizenship or hold Sweden Permanent Residence Permit.

The family member must be above the age of 18 years:

Close relatives must have Sweden Dependent Visa or Sweden Residence Permit as a dependent of the family member to go to Sweden.

Close Relatives are:

  • Visa applicant should be/or intending to become a spouse, or common-law spouse.
  • Children under 18 years and their parents.
  • Additional close dependents are permitted with evidence that confirms that applicant is mainly dependent on the family member who is going to or is in Sweden.


If the applicants file their applications after the main applicant has applied, they have to make separate forms and submit the applications at the consulate general or consulate general or embassy in ones country of residence. Prior to submitting the applications, one has to contact the consulate general or the embassy.

Besides one has to present the following documents:

  • Documents which demonstrate that the children are financially dependent on the parent.
  • Documents which shows that both the partners have lived together during their stay in the country.

Family members traveling on a Sweden dependent visa have to acquire a residence permit card along with the valid passport.

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