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Ireland Third Level Graduate Scheme

About Visa:

The Third Level Graduate Scheme is designed to allow foreign graduates from outside the European Economic Area who acquired a primary, masters or doctorate degree from an Irish third level educational institution to remain in Ireland for six months after receipt of their examination results.

The six months period of this visa will allow the students to seek employment, and if successful and appropriate, apply for a work permit or Green Card Permit

The applicant will receive one non-renewable extension to their current student permission for a six months period starting on the date the applicant receives their exam results.


An applicant granted an extension to remain under the Third Level Graduate Scheme will subject to the following conditions:

  • The person will subject to the terms and conditions of that person's current student permission during the six month period.
  • The person will not be allowed to engage in self employment or operate a business within Ireland.


Once the six months extension to stay under the scheme has expired, the person is no longer legally reside in Ireland unless they:

  • Hold a green card or work permit
  • Obtain permission to remain by pursuing further study
  • Obtain permission through another scheme

With most Irish work-related immigration programs requiring a job offer, the Third Level Graduate Scheme offers an excellent opportunity for students who wish to work towards a life in Ireland.


The applicant is required to submit the following documents:

  • An original letter signed by the College Registrar (on College-headed paper) stating that the applicant has completed the course of study satisfactorily and the qualification received
  • Current passport
  • Current Certificate of Registration issued by the Garda National Immigration Bureau

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