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About Visa:

Studying in Ireland is an increasingly popular option for undergraduates across the world. Ireland offers a long history of excellence in learning with nine universities, fourteen institutes of technology and a host of other educational establishments.

Students can avail customized service under Ireland Student Visa Guidance. The services offered under the guidance are:

  • Mock Visa Interviews
  • Student Counseling Programs
  • Visa Documentation
  • Visa Guidance

Note: Applicants can avail any one of the above service.


  • Extensive choice of study courses
  • Educational excellence guaranteed
  • English speaking country
  • A friendly safe environment


In Ireland, immigration for candidates wishing to apply for an Irish student visa requires the following criteria.

  • A letter of acceptance must be provided demonstrating that an applicant has been offered a place on a full time course of study at a recognized Irish educational institution. The course must involve at least fifteen hours of study per week
  • Candidates must be able to demonstrate evidence of enough funds to support themselves and any dependents joining them in the country
  • It must be shown that the course fees have been paid in full
  • Private medical insurance must be arranged and documentary evidence of this must be provided
  • It must be the candidate's demonstrable intention to return to their own country at the end of their period of study

In addition, although English is described in the Irish constitution as the second official language, the first being Irish Gaelic, it is nonetheless spoken far more widely and is the primary language in which tuition will be given.

As a result, candidates applying for an Irish study visa must be able to show proficiency in the English language to a sufficient degree to allow them to successfully pursue the course.

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