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Germany Skilled Job Seeker Visa

About visa :

The German economy is one of the three strongest worldwide and is still growing at a low unemployment rate (7%). For those who want to work in Germany, the job seeker visa is a great option. It is granted in as quick as 1-3 months! Once you get a job seeker visa you can enter Germany and search for a job.

All persons who wish to seek gainful employment in Germany are required to obtain a residence permit in the form of a visa. Where needed, a work permit will be included in the visa issued for this purpose.

Indian nationals intending to work in Germany must apply for an employment visa from the competent mission before arriving in Germany. After arrival in Germany, your visa will be changed to a residence cum work permit by the immigration authority. The visa application will be submitted by the German mission to the local immigration authority where you intend to reside in Germany for approval.

The German mission abroad can only issue the visa after the immigration authority has given its approval. The approval procedure usually takes from a couple of days to more than two months. However, in case of a scientist visa, including a scholarship stay being financed under an EU-Programme, an approval from this local immigration authority is not required. Furthermore, the family members of a guest scientist receive now the right to unrestricted practice of a gainful employment.


  • Personal advice on life and work in Germany.
  • Help to find to job.
  • Advice on job application procedures.
  • Helping you prepare for your move.
  • Advice on integration issues.
  • Advice on where to turn for further information on language courses, universities and visa applications.
  • Information fairs on living and working in Germany.
  • Earn in Euros!
  • 1000s of jobs available.
  • Relocate in less than 6 months.


  • One completed application form for a residence permit and declaration of accuracy of information.
  • Two recent passport size photos.
  • CV of your professional career, specifying the diplomas, references and certificates etc.
  • you have obtained German university degree or recognized equivalent foreign university degree.
  • A detailed letter of motivation providing information on the planned course of action to secure a job (sector, region, intended place of residence/ accommodation etc.).
  • Evidence of financial means of subsistence for the whole period of your requested visa.
  • Any additional evidence of your preparations to secure a job that can be provided.
  • Proof of health insurance for the whole period of your requested visa.
  • Visa fee: 60 Euro payable in US Dollars.
  • Applicant's valid passport and two photocopies of the data page.

Please note these important regulations concerning your passport:

  • Its validity should exceed the duration of the intended stay in Germany by at least 3 months.
  • It must contain at least 2 blank pages.
  • It must have been issued within the previous 10 years.
  • Recent proof of applicant's current residence in the USA.
  • Original of valid US alien registration card or valid US resident visa (type A, E, F plus endorsed I-20, G, H, I, J plus J1 document, L, O, R) and one copy
  • Please prepare two identical application sets with the above-mentioned documents and bring your original certificates as well as your original employment contract along.
  • Please DO NOT staple any documents. Please note that the German Missions reserve the right to ask for additional documents or the verification of certificates, for which additional fees would be charged.
  • As of July 2013, Blue Card applications and applications with a "BA-Vorabprufung" (Approval by the Federal Employment Agency) can - under certain circumstances - be directly decided by the German Missions, resulting in a processing time of approximately ten days.
  • Other employment visa applications, such as for deputations, still have to be forwarded to the competent immigration authorities in Germany; processing will take approximately six to eight weeks.
  • In case of visa approval, you will be requested to present a travel health insurance (Kindly refer to to find out about the travel health insurances accepted).

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