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EU Blue Card - Finland


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EU Blue Card - Finland

About visa :

If you intend to work in Finland in a role that requires a high level of competence, you should apply for the EU Blue Card.

You can apply for an EU Blue Card if:

  • Your work demands a high level of competence and requires high qualifications or special expertise.
  • A diploma, a certificate or other document demonstrating formal qualification and showing that you have completed a programme in an educational institution.
  • The document must also show that the qualification involved a minimum of three years of study. The educational institution issuing the document must be entitled to do so under the laws of the issuing country.
  • Your contract for the job requiring a high level of competence will last for a minimum of one year.


  • Great schools and FREE university education
  • English widely spoken
  • Low property prices, and good capital growth.
  • Pollution free environment
  • Picturesque natural beauty
  • Negligible crime rate


  • Masters degree
  • 5 years of work experience
  • Minimum 1 year of work contract in Finland
  • Your gross salary should be minimum of EUR 4,832 per month.
  • Terms and conditions of employment comply with existing regulations and collective agreements
  • Valid passport
  • Travel Insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • No criminal or felony record and there should be no ban on entry from any country in the world

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