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EU Blue Card - Belgium

About visa :

European blue card is a work permit for foreign highly qualified workers. In order to obtain the European Blue Card, an employer must first apply to the competent regional Belgium authority to acquire a provisional work authorization.

The competent regional authority will grant a provisional work authorization when the following conditions are met:

  • The employer must have concluded with the worker an employment contract of indefinite duration or for a period of at least one year.
  • The gross annual compensation paid by the employer to the employee must be at least €49,995.
  • The worker must hold a diploma of higher education from a post-secondary course program of at least three years.
  • The diploma certificate must be issued by a higher education institution recognized by the state in which it is located.


  • The European Blue Card is issued by the EU member states. It presents a dual advantage: the employer must request a work authorization only for the first two years, and the worker receives a single document with dual residence and work authorization.
  • Moreover, with the European Blue Card it becomes easier for the worker's family to obtain residence authorization.
  • The European Blue Card is a new tool for employers to employ highly skilled foreign employees. It is a response to the desire to harmonize the different national work and residence permits of EU member states.
  • It does not replace the existing Belgian work and residence permit system, which already provides exemptions for foreign skilled employees.
  • You will be issued a Temporary residence permit for a duration of 2 years.
  • Pathway to long term residency permit
  • Family members can join the main card holder regardless of the validity period of their permits


  • Masters degree
  • 5 years of work experience
  • You need to have a employment contract and should have a monthly salary of at least 1.5 times the average gross fixed reference year by order of the Minister of Immigration
  • Hold a contract of indefinite duration or a minimum of one year.
  • Receive an annual salary over €49,995 gross (in Belgium)

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