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Austria family Reunification

About visa :

Austria family reunification allows immediate family members to migrate to Austria as a dependent. Main applicant must be Austria RWR card holder/EU Blue card holder or should be a permanent resident or citizen of the country.

Eligible family members who can apply as dependent are:


Registered partners

Unmarried minors including adoptive and step children


  • "Red-White-Red Card" is granted to the family members in Austria to meet the general granting requirements.
  • The "Red-White-Red Card plus" grants its holders free access to the labour market. According to the Act Governing the Employment of Foreign Nationals no further permissions are required for any employed activity.
  • Other dependants of Austrian nationals shall obtain the residence title "Settlement Permit - Dependant", if the general granting requirements are met and the sponsor to whom the third-country national refers in his/her application has issued a liability declaration.


  • Valid passport (not required for dependent child who is less than 6 months old)
  • Marriage certificate for spouse
  • Birth certificate
  • Document proof on relation between dependent and the main applicant
  • Documents pertaining to accommodation
  • Sufficient funds
  • Financial requirements: The main applicant should have income which should be equal to or exceed the standard income rate.
  • Health insurance
  • Evidence that sponsor holds the required residence title
  • Evidence of German language skills

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