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About Russia

Russia or Russian federation is a country with great history, home of famous scientists and land of natural beauty.  Moscow is the capital of Russia and Vladimir Putin is the President of Russia (Russian Federation).

Russia (was formerly known as USSR United State of Soviet Republic) covers area of 17 075 500 km2 which makes Russia the largest country in the world, followed by Canada, China and USA. Russia occupies most of Eastern Europe and northern Asia.


The climate is mostly continental. Most of the country has a so called harsh continental climate characterized by a big difference between summer and winter temperatures (it gets indeed very cold in Siberia during winter, but it is also very hot in the summer). Average January temperatures are from 0 to -5 degrees in the western Russia, but sometimes -40 degrees in other parts. The average July temperatures are from 1 to 25 degrees.
The climate induce an unbalance between different parts of Russian area, so many large parts of country have almost no population and development.

Population and society
Russia has the world's fifth largest population (148,8 million people) after China, India, the United States and Indonesia. Russia is a multiethnic society. 

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