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               DIBP Evaluation Report

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Australia's immigration system follows a point based system for its permanent residency visa categories.

The Australian government announced the integration of the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) into a single government department, including the formation of the Australian Border Force (ABF), by 1 July 2015. A year after the integration began, the DIBP leadership sought an independent analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of the integrated department. This analysis required the RAND Corporation to take a deeper and longer view of the two organisations as they existed, understand how the combined organisation has been able to incorporate into a single entity, and assess the degree to which the new organisation has been able to mitigate weaknesses and reinforce strengths. RAND undertook a review of relevant documents and interviews with senior leaders from across the department, including the ABF. This report details the findings of this research. Numerous official documents, reports, and investigations dating back to 2005 documented the shortfalls and provided insights and recommendations for improving the respective organisations.


  • More effort on capacity-building is required across the department leadership visibility will be required to ensure continued momentum.
  • Building a single DIBP culture (including workforce morale and professionalisation) remains the single biggest challenge for the DIBP.
  • The formation of the Strategic Reform Group under the leadership of the deputy secretary both established the responsibility for the coordination of integration efforts and sent an important message to the workforce about the priority of the integration.
  • According to several senior officials who were interviewed, achieving the full reform is at least three to five years away. Some officials commented that it could take a generation until the comprehensive change envisioned by the DIBP leadership is realised.


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  • English eligibility test reports
  • Educational certificates.



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